About Us

The Cosmo queen is registered by the Mother Company, Sunope Pharm since 2004 and is Owner, Patent holder and Founder of Glorious Glow formulation for facial moisturising, Facial skin protection and Facial treatment for inflamed skin.

The Cosmo Queen had the desire and passion to promote Facial Skin conditions, such as Acne, Psoriasis and inflamed irritated skin as well as preventing early aging.  Giving Hope and skin Glow for those in despair with skin conditions.

Acne and eczema were the biggest motivations to start the road with intensive research to formulate a purely organic product that will nourish, sooth, moisturise and deeply penetrate the skin with its healing properties. It was found that Glorious Glow is much more than a facial treatment, but also has strong anti-microbial properties according to stability and Laboratory research results.  We are passionate about Communities and strive to make a sustainable difference to their health and well-being in everything we do. We support all woman and men on their journey to fulfil their self-esteem by a healthy Glowing Skin. There is an Info line to guide to assist with Skin Care conditions and application of Treatment. We focus on Skin Care in a Natural effective way promoting a healthy Glowing skin.

“The Cosmo Queen” has a well-trained committed marketing team that operates as representatives and on the different available marketing platforms.

Distribution is done by extensive Distribution networks, Professional staff, Representatives, and online sales. The Cosmo Queen’s specialized team will offer continuous training programs on request for Individuals, Health Care Professionals and Cosmetic Beauty specialists.